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Andrew Yang


Twitter Followers: 1.6M

Running, 2020, Presidential Primary Election

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Article List >> CNN Town Hall with Andrew Yang 4/14/19 [7PM]

CNN Town Hall with Andrew Yang 4/14/19 [7PM]

April 14, 2019


Yang is a businessman who has become successful as a tech executive. He is a former ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship under the Obama administration. And if elected, Yang would make history as the first Asian-American president. A lot of questions were answered by him on CNN presidential town hall, based on which we sum up to three big policies.


1. Universal Basic Income


Artificial intelligence has contributed to job automation leading to significant job losses in multiple sectors. In order to keep Americans competitive in computer and machine age. Yang said “we need to think bigger about how we’re going to help Americans transition. In my flagship proposal, which many of you probably heard of, is a freedom dividend of $1000 per month for every American adult starting at age 18. This would create 2 million new jobs in our economy. It would make children and families stronger and healthier, and would help tens of millions of Americans transition through what is the greatest economic and technological transformation in our country’s history which is what we’re going through right now. It’s very very difficult to stop this process. We have to, instead, think about how we can make Americans prosperous through this time. The goal should not be to save jobs. The goal should be to make our lives better.”


But who will pay for the plan to give all Americans $1000 a month? Here’s Yang’s explain “If you think about who are gonna be the biggest winners from AI, to the first question, or new technologies or self-driving cars and trucks. It’s going to be Amazon, Google, Facebook, Uber, the biggest tech companies in our country. And we all saw how much did Amazon pay in federal taxes last year. They paid less in federal taxes than you. Also when people ask how are we gonna fund this. We have to go where the money is. We have to implement a new mechanism to get that money back from Jeff Bezos and Amazon. And bring it back to the American people to build a trickle-up economy.”

但是谁将为每个美国人每月1000美元的计划买单呢?这是杨安泽的解释“你想想谁将成为人工智能,新科技或自动驾驶汽车和卡车的最大赢家。这将是我们国家最大的科技公司亚马逊,谷歌,脸书,优步。我们知道亚马逊去年支付了多少联邦税吗?他们居然支付的联邦税比你少。当人们问我们钱从哪里来时。我们必须看看钱去哪里了。我们必须实施一种新机制,以便从Jeff Bezos 和亚马逊那里获得这笔钱。并把它分给美国人民,建立一套涓滴经济。”

2. Medicare for all


Rising health care costs and the threat of losing one's insurance is a concern for many Americans. Yang’s in the Medicare for all public option camp. He said “We right now we're spending twice as much on our health care to worse effect than other countries were spending 18 percent of GDP. And one of the things that is confusing about this is people like we're going to get the money which is completely incorrect. We're spending twice as much on other countries if we channel our existing resources and negotiate lower drug prices lower rates. We can get the access up and the prices down and make it so that the people that are struggling. It is immoral that in the richest most advanced economy in the world we are more stressed out about navigating our business team dysfunctional health care system when our own our loved ones get sick or injured than we are actually caring for them and helping them get well. ”


3. Humanity First


Yang said we should pay teachers more. He believes “This is an investment in ourselves. The data shows that a good teacher is worth his or her weight in gold in terms of the increased education outcomes for all the children in their classrooms. And when you look at the data, they teachers are the most important variable consistently.” “It comes down to the teacher first. And foremost we need to attract and retain the best teachers we can find and we will all be better off for it. So if we are serious about educating our children. We need to get money into the hands of the parents and families. If we put a thousand dollars a month in the hands of every parent, that’s going to give the kids an honest chance to learn.”


Yang also has plans to protect programs for individuals with autism. His older son is on the autism spectrum and he knows what these families go through.To help them, he said "As president, I would champion a federal program to help funnel money into the schools in our communities. And make sure that that burdens not on the states. This is a federal responsibility. And a federal initiative I will be thrilled to lead.”


To ensure the safety of the United States as well as protecting Second Amendment rights, he thinks that “we should treat guns in a very similar way to the way we treat Motor Vehicles where you have to get licensed and test. Because vehicles can kill people, and firearms do the same thing. And so we should be having federal background checks around mental illness and criminal records and domestic

violence, and other other background elements that would make it problematic for someone to have access to a gun. Now it’s going to be very very difficult to come to agreement. Because many Americans feel very strongly about this on both sides. So in parallel to this, I would invest in a massive mental health Initiative. Because if we can help get mental health resources into the hands of more Americans, we can address some of these incidents of gun violence before they happen.”


Yang is the son of Taiwanese immigrants who came to the U.S. in the 1960s. In his immigration plan, he supports a pathway to citizenship for all undocumented immigrants currently in this country. He said “To me, the most logical and humane path forward is to create a pathway to citizenship for people who are here and undocumented, particularly for the dreamers who rarely know no other home but the United States of America. And I say to people around the country I am a son of immigrants. I believe that immigrants make our country stronger and more dynamic. And so we should try and create a pathway to help them integrate again. But what we're going to do to deter illegal immigration.  The basics are that we need to put more resources to work on our southern border. We need more facilities case workers asylum judges. ”

杨安泽是60年代台湾移民的儿子。他想给予美国境内所有无证移民获得公民身份的机会。他说,对我而言,最具逻辑性和人性化的解决方式是为那些在美国但没有证件的人创造一条通向公民身份的路,特别是那些(跟着无证的父母,从小在这里长大)没有其他国家可去的”梦想生“。我在各地竞选时候一直说,我是移民的儿子。我相信移民使国家更强大,更有活力。所以我们应该尝试一条让他们融入美国的道路。但是我们要阻止非法移民现象。 解决问题的基本原则是,我们需要给南部边境的边防工作投入更多资源。我们需要更多的移民工作人员和庇护法庭的法官。

Besides Yang’s policies, audiences are also interested in that why has he decided not to run for a lower political office other than for president? Especially since there’s so many other candidates running in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary who have significantly more political experience than he does.


Here’s his answer. “we’re in the process of automating away millions of American jobs. And the country cannot, for some reason, understand that, it is not immigrants they’re causing these dislocations, it is technology. Now we do not have that much time. That’s only five to ten years before the trucks, the truck driving, gets automated away in significant ways. And so if you looked at that situation, you said ,if I can help my country understand what is happening to it and advance meaningful solutions. Then that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”