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Christie Carpino


Assistant Minority Leader, Connecticut State House of Representatives (2017 - Present)

Connecticut State House, District 32 (2010 - Present)

Quick Facts
Personal Details


Full Name:

Christie Carpino




Husband: Joe; 2 Children; 1 Stepchild

Birth Place:

Long Island, NY

Home City:

Cromwell, CT


JD, Northeastern University, 2000

BA, English, University of New Hampshire, 1993-1996

Political Experience

Minority Caucus Chair, Connecticut State House of Representatives, 2019-present

Representative, Connecticut State House of Representatives, District 32, 2010-present

Assistant Minority Leader, Connecticut State House of Representatives, 2017-2018

Candidate, Connecticut State House of Representatives, District 32, 2018

Current Legislative Committees

Member, Judiciary

Member, Public Health

Member, Regulation Review

Former Committees/Caucuses

Former Member, Appropriations Committee, Connecticut State House of Representatives

Former Co-Chair, Program Review and Investigations Committee, Connecticut State House of Representatives

Former Co-Chair, Regulation Review Committee, Connecticut State House of Representatives

Former Member, Subcommittee on Elementary and Secondary Education, Connecticut State House of Representatives

Former Member, Subcommittee on General Government A, Connecticut State House of Representatives

Former Member, Subcommittee on Legislative, Connecticut State House of Representatives

Former Member, Subcommittee on Results-Based Accountability, Connecticut State House of Representatives

Professional Experience

General Counsel, SSI, 2013-present

Adjunct Faculty, Branford Hall, 2012-2013

Of Counsel, Law Offices of Rosa C. Rebimbas, 2012-2013

Trial Attorney, Law Offices of James M. Pickett, 2004-2011

Attorney, Law Offices of Robert M. Brennan, 2002-2004

Religious, Civic, and other Memberships

Volunteer, Legal Services School Expulsion Project, 2007-present

Pro Bono Attorney, Connecticut Statewide Legal Services, 2005-present

Member, Cromwell Historical Society Member, present

Vice-Chair, Cromwell Republican Town Committee, present

Former Member, Cromwell Board of Assessment Appeals

Former Vice-Chair, Cromwell Zoning Board of Appeals

Volunteer, Law Enforcement Torch Run, Special Olympics

Committee Member, Penguin Plunge and Regional Games, Special Olympics

Coach, Special Olympics

Global Messenger Speech Coach, Special Olympics

Unified Partner, Special Olympics

Additional Information


-A "40 Under Forty" for excelling in her industry through her leadership roles
-Recognized by the Cromwell Fire Department for her work promoting the C.F.D
-2013 Legislator of the Year Award by the Connecticut Alliance of YMCAs for her work to stop the epidemic of childhood obesity
-2013 Legislative Award from the CT Police Chiefs Association (CPCA) for her work ensuring public safety for state residents


Governor Malloy: Small Business Must Lead the Way in Job Creation

Apr. 13, 2012

Governor Dannel P. Malloy today announced that five Connecticut small businesses have qualified for $1,020,000 through the state's Small Business Express Program (EXP). EXP is Governor Malloy's signature small business program that was created as a part of the bi-partisan Jobs Bill passed during last year's Special Session. "From entrepreneurs creating cutting edge products in emerging industries to business leaders looking to expand long-standing companies, EXP is a program that demonstrates the state's commitment to Connecticut's small companies and their role in creating and protecting the jobs that will strengthen our economy," said Governor Malloy. In total, EXP will provide $100 million to help the state's small businesses hire more employees and fund capital investments. The program, administered by the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD), offers loans and matching grants to Connecticut companies with fewer than 50 employees at the time of application. The businesses to receive funding are: Nature's First, Inc. of Orange is a manufacturer of food products sold in health food stores and supermarkets including Whole Foods, Stop and Shop, and other major regional chains. The company will retain four and create two new jobs as ownership leverages an investment of $370,000 with a Job Creation Incentive Loan of $100,000 and a Matching Grant of $100,000. The funding will support the import of powder and juice pulp from India to its domestic manufacturing facility. "The state is smart to invest in companies like Nature's First, a local manufacturer of healthy and nutritious foods," said Senator Gayle Slossberg. "This grant award sends a message that Connecticut supports small businesses and is focused on growing jobs. I want to see more success stories like this one that ends with a growing and thriving workforce." "The bipartisan Jobs Bill passed in October continues to have a positive impact on small businesses in our local area," said Representative Paul Davis. "Nature's First inc., of Orange, which has an international presence, is another example of how government can help support job growth and small business expansion in the private sector. The benefits of this program extend to the entire community through greater employment opportunities and increased economic development." "Helping small businesses grow strong roots here in Connecticut, and in this region in particular, fueled my decision last fall to support an expanded menu of assistance options available to employers," said Representative Themis Klarides. "Government can't create private sector jobs, but it can certainly help create a climate where they can bloom. These types of state investments in our business community go a long way toward accomplishing that goal." Nalas Engineering, of Essex provides chemistry and chemical engineering expertise to aid in the development of safe, robust and low-cost chemical processes. The company, currently housed in the UCONN Small Business Incubator at Avery Point, will invest $100,000 and receive a $100,000 Matching Grant to move to a larger location and expand in Essex. New machinery and equipment will be purchased and ten new employees will be hired, tripling the number now employed from five to fifteen. "I'm delighted by DECD's favorable consideration of Nalas Engineering's strong application for this grant, and I commend local officials in Essex who encouraged the company's move into town. A winning formula for economic growth is collaboration between the public sector and private business," said Senator Eileen Daily. "This grant for Nalas Engineering is a prime example of how this partnership can work and it is great news for our local economy and for Connecticut." "This investment will allow Nalas Engineering to relocate to Essex and hire more workers--helping to help grow our local economy," said Representative Phil Miller. "Governor Malloy is clearly focused on the needs of our small businesses and I want to thank him for his strong support." The Rockfall Company, LLC of Meriden, a veteran-owned company established in 1998, is a team of seasoned planners, designers and construction professionals providing general contracting, construction management and mechanical contracting services, facilities design, project planning, and construction consulting. Specializing in light commercial and residential construction, the company's finished products include office complexes, condominiums, retail space, and educational facilities as well as custom-designed residences throughout Connecticut. The company received a $250,000 Job Creation Incentive Loan, and a $20,000 Matching Grant, to expand the business, purchase a piece of equipment and hire five new employees. "Our top priority is job creation and small business expansion. That's what will jumpstart our recovery, and that's what we had in mind when we passed the Jobs Bill last fall," said House Speaker Christopher G. Donovan. "Governor Malloy's decision to select The Rockfall Company of Meriden is a welcome boost to our regional economy." "It is encouraging to see a local veteran-owned small business benefit from one of these grants," said Representative Cathy Abercrombie. "I am pleased to see our governor including a variety of businesses in this grant program and thank him for keeping Meriden's small businesses in mind." "I thank Governor Malloy for his continued support of small business. The opportunity for this company to expand and hire more employees contributes to our economic recovery," said Representative Emil "Buddy" Altobello. Jupiter Communications, LLC of Stratford, a printing company, has been in continuous operation since 1962, and is principally concerned with serving financial publishing companies. With an opportunity to capture a major new customer, Jupiter is investing $180,000 and receiving a Matching Grant of $100,000 to acquire new equipment and help the company bring work currently sourced out-of-state back in-house. Jupiter will retain ten jobs and add two more. "I am very happy that the job creation programs the legislature passed last fall will help Jupiter Communications in Stratford retain ten jobs and even bring a couple of outsourced positions back here to Connecticut. Helping small businesses to succeed and start hiring again is one of my top goals, and I hope we will be able to pass an expansion of these job programs later this year," said Senator Ed Gomes. "I'm always thrilled when any investment is made in a Stratford business, especially in these tough economic times," said Representative Terry Backer. "Lack of employment remains a major hurdle for communities like Stratford. This grant will allow for the hiring of local residents." "This new approach, giving grants to small businesses in a short time frame, can have a big impact on a company. Jupiter Communications is a perfect example. It is what was envisioned when the Jobs Bill passed last October," said Representative Lawrence Miller. "I'm happy to see DECD has worked with Jupiter to allow them to expand their business and bring out-sourced work back into their own operation," said Representative Laura Hoydick. "It's good to see positive growth that stems directly from last year's bipartisan legislation taking effect right here in Stratford." "I am pleased that Jupiter Communications will be growing and creating jobs in our community," said Senator Kevin Kelly. "Small businesses are the engine that drives our economy, and the Small Business Express Program is a good example of how state government should work in cooperation with business owners to put local families back to work." Greenskies Renewable, LLC of Middletown has been awarded a $100,000 Matching Grant and a Job Creation Incentive Loan in the amount of $250,000. A solar integrator that specializes in solar financing, system design, project implementation, coordination, long-term system monitoring and maintenance, Greenskies will hire four new employees over the next three years as they work with several major multinational corporations to scale up a number of successfully completed pilot installations at locations throughout the northeast. "We are lucky to have a visionary renewable energy company like Greenskies right in our own backyard in Middletown," said Senator Paul Doyle. "This grant will help Greenskies continue to thrive and create jobs for four new people. This is the kind of investment we need to get the state's economy back on track and get people back to work." "It is really great to see another business right here in our community expanding and growing with the support of the state," said Representative Joseph Serra. "Greenskies, particularly with its mission of encouraging the use of solar energy, is a great fit for the Small Business Express program which will help add jobs to our local economy." "This is the direction our state needs to continue traveling, small business support and green jobs," said Representative Gail K. Hamm. "I'm thrilled anytime investment comes to Middletown." "This Small Business Express Program is doing exactly what was intended when I voted for the Jobs bill last year. Businesses like Greenskies Renewable are able to use this grant to expand operations and hire new employees, and win for the business and for the state," said Representative Christie Carpino. "Greenskies is creating green jobs right here in Middletown. As a member of the Energy Committee, I've long been a supporter of renewable energy and I'm thrilled that Governor Malloy is helping this great solar business expand in Middletown," said Representative Matt Lesser. For more information on EXP or to apply for the program, visit the Small Business Express Program web page or contact Michelle Lugo at DECD at 860-270-8052 or

Governor Malloy: Small Business Program Assists Expansion & Job Growth

Mar. 27, 2012

Governor Dannel P. Malloy today announced that five more small businesses in Bridgeport, Cheshire, Marlborough, Middletown and Mystic have qualified for grants through the state's Small Business Express Program (EXP) to expand their businesses and create jobs. EXP was created as part of the bipartisan jobs bill that was passed during the October Special Session. "Connecticut must support its small businesses," Governor Malloy said. "They are the foundations of local economies, helping to improve the quality of life for thousands of Connecticut residents. State investments through programs like this not only help the businesses on Main Street grow, they also aid in the state's economic recovery." In total, EXP will provide $100 million to help the state's small businesses hire more employees and fund capital investments. The program, administered by the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD), offers loans and matching grants to Connecticut companies with fewer than 50 employees. The five small businesses announced today are: SolarChange LLC of Bridgeport designs, manufactures and sells solar hybrid and solar thermal appliances and building products for both residential and commercial use. DECD has awarded the company a $100,000 matching grant and a loan of $250,000 to boost its operations and hire employees. SolarChange will create 31 full-time jobs. The project, moreover, will have a multiplier effect, as SolarChange will distribute its products through four other companies in Connecticut and will generate new installation and servicing jobs. "Job creation is a top priority in this tough economy, and the manufacturing, installation and servicing jobs this grant will provide are exactly what Bridgeport needs. Manufacturing these solar panels in Connecticut will also support growth in the renewable energy industry, which is more and more important as our climate warms," State Senator Ed Gomes (D-Bridgeport) said. "I am very pleased that SolarChange will soon be expanding their business and hiring new employees in Bridgeport," State Senator Anthony Musto (D-Trumbull) said. "Our focus for the last year has been on job creation and business expansion, and this shows that we are headed in the right direction. Connecticut can be a leader in the field of renewable energy by creating more these kind of green, local jobs over the coming years." "This is a great example of government at work and a positive result of our focus on jobs. We are well on our way to providing good jobs in Bridgeport. I want to thank Governor Malloy and the administration and look forward to working with other Bridgeport small businesses," State Representative Andres Ayala (D-Bridgeport) said. "As we look forward to new and greener technologies to provide alternatives to fossil fuels, it is great there are those working on the residential side of the energy use equation. This is money well spent in the creation of 31 full-time jobs -- we will get many returns on this investment," State Representative Don Clemons (D-Bridgeport) said. "This is a great step forward and opportunity for Bridgeport to engage in the burgeoning new field of renewable energy. Bridgeport is leading the way for a green, sustainable future," State Representative Jack Hennessy (D-Bridgeport) said. "Like all of our major cities, Bridgeport has been hard-hit with loss of jobs in this ailing economy," State Representative Charlie Stallworth (D-Bridgeport) said. "Anything we can do to increase gainful employment is a worthwhile effort and this grant/loan combination for SolarChange, LLC will create jobs. I look forward to many more such support packages for our small business enterprises as we continue on the road to economic recovery." Cheshire Fitness Zone is a complete physical, occupational, and speech therapy center designed specifically to meet the needs of children and adolescents of all ages and abilities. The fitness zone has a full array of exercise equipment biomechanically designed to fit children. The company was awarded a matching grant of $100,000 and a loan of $250,000, which will go toward the purchase of property so it can build a larger facility. Fourteen jobs will be created and nine retained as part of the $1,500,000 project. "This is terrific news for Cheshire Fitness Zone," State Representative Alfred Adinolfi (R-Cheshire) said. "The bipartisan jobs bill puts small businesses first by providing much needed assistance for companies wishing to expand and hire more employees. This announcement is a perfect example of how the policies we create in Hartford can keep and grow jobs right here in Central Connecticut. I hope many more jobs grow out of this grant as this small business continues to thrive." "The ability to assist children with special health care needs and create jobs in the process is a win for the children, the town of Cheshire and Connecticut," State Representative Vickie Nardello (D-Prospect) said. Marlborough Plastics Inc. has specialized in plastic injection molding and engineered thermoplastics in aerospace, computer, defense, electronic, engineering, health care, OEMs and sporting goods application for more than 40 years. Marlborough Plastics, which recently built a new 11,250-square-foot facility in Marlborough, will receive a $100,000 matching grant to purchase new machinery and equipment. The project will retain 6 jobs. "Marlborough Plastics is investing in Connecticut because Governor Malloy and the legislature are working for Connecticut, as evidenced by our jobs bill and our investments in high-tech manufacturing and bioresearch," State Senator Steve Cassano (D-Manchester) said. "This matching grant -- made possible by our jobs bill -- preserves the kind of quality jobs that make Connecticut a great state to live and work in, and which make Connecticut one of the most productive states in the nation." State Representative Pam Sawyer (R-Andover, Bolton, Hebron, Marlborough) said, "Marlborough Plastics Inc. has had an increase in business and with this grant to purchase new machinery they will need more employees with a manufacturing background. It's what this grant was meant to do." Centerplan Construction Company of Middletown was established in 2008 to serve the construction needs of its sister company Centerplan Development. Since then the company has grown, and is now planning to expand its space and operations. DECD has awarded Centerplan a $100,000 matching grant for the build-out and fit-out of additional office space and for equipment. An additional $500,000 loan was awarded through the Small Business Revolving Loan Fund. The company plans to add five employees to its 31-member staff in 2012 and 20 to 25 in the next five years. "Centerplan Construction Company is a real success story here in Middletown. This grant and loan will allow Centerplan to build on that success and hire more employees," State Senator Paul Doyle (D-Wethersfield) said. "I am thrilled to see more local businesses benefiting from the jobs legislation we passed in October and creating good jobs for Connecticut residents." State Representative Christie Carpino (R-Cromwell, Middletown, Portland) said, "I am happy the bipartisan jobs bill I voted for and that passed in October is doing what it is intended to do, which is help small businesses like Centerplan Construction Company." "Small business expansion and jobs creation in Middletown are most welcome," State Representative Gail K. Hamm (D-East Hampton, Middletown) said. "Making Connecticut a business-friendly state involves both attracting new business and assisting those who have already invested here." "I want to thank Governor Malloy for supporting a great small business in Middletown," State Representative Matt Lesser (D-Durham, Middlefield & Middletown) said. "Small businesses are the engines of economic growth, and I wish Bob Landino and Centerplan much success." "Centerplan has developed into an important part of Middletown's business community and has earned this support of the state," State Representative Joseph Serra (D-Middletown) said. "Because these incentives will be used to help jump-start job creation and encourage long-term economic growth, they are also good investments for taxpayers." Fields of Fire is currently building an outdoor paintball facility on 50 acres in Mystic. Additional activities such as rock climbing and zip lines will be added as the company grows. A $100,000 Small Business Express Grant will be used to buy equipment and materials to create paintball battlefields. As part of the project three full-time employees will be hired, as well as 20 or more seasonal positions. "A small business that focuses on recreation is the perfect fit for promoting the Mystic area as a great place to live as well as a great place to vacation," State Representative Diana Urban (D-Stonington, North Stonington) said. "Recognizing that small business is so important to our local economic web is the cornerstone of the Small Business Express Program and I am very happy that this grant will help grow the local Mystic economy by assisting Fields of Fire." "This grant announcement and the facility to come represent another step forward as Connecticut gets back to the important work of stimulating small business growth within a successful economic development strategy," State Representative Elissa Wright (D-Groton) said.



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