Back in 1960, my working class parents voted different parties; my mom went Democrat with JFK. My father voted Republican for Richard Nixon. I remember sitting at the dinner table eating “Spaghetti-o’s” and listening to my folks tease each other about “canceling” their votes.

Over the decades, my friends and family members supported a wide array of politicians and I never had a problem with any of them. In fact, I’ve interviewed seven presidents and respect them all for their service to America. I even enjoyed my brief time with George McGovern, about as left wing as they come.

But today I simply cannot understand how any intelligent American can support Bernie Sanders, who despises the United States and wants to burn down our traditions. I believe Senator Sanders to be a truly dangerous man and those who would allow him power are putting my family in jeopardy.

Let’s start with Sanders saying, during the debate in New Hampshire, that America is “racist society” from top to bottom. In order to believe that, you have to accuse millions of Americans who hold responsible positions of actively persecuting blacks and other minorities.

To buy into Sanders’ irresponsible statement, you must also believe that the United States’ social system, by design and execution, denies the equal pursuit of happiness to millions of its citizens based on skin color.

There is absolutely no factual basis to support that absurd point of view. Yes, individual bias exists, but to allege it is national policy is a lie.

And Bernie Sanders embraces that lie.

The senator also believes that private property is really federal property. He promotes draconian taxation on corporations and wealthy citizens. Beyond that, he wants to impose taxation on individual assets, acquired AFTER a citizen has paid income tax and other state financial demands. This is his so called “wealth tax.”

To Sanders, it is a trade. The federal government will pay for a citizen’s medical bills, dental expenses, eye glasses, hearing aids, elder care, child care, education from pre-k through college, and provide generous subsidies to low-income Americans for every other life need.

In return, Sanders believes the federal government has the right to take whatever it wants from affluent citizens and private companies in order to pay for all the free stuff. Sanders and Congress will decide how much of your pie will remain in the refrigerator. The feds will appropriate their “fair share,” and if you resist, you will be prosecuted.

So, if an American works hard, takes risks investing, and lives frugally in order to build long-term financial security for his or her family, the feds would be able to seize those personal assets under the banner of “fair share.”

This frightening vision of Bernie Sanders would not only bankrupt the USA, it would punish every single American who has achieved economic success.

Therefore, folks who support Sanders and his socialist/communist viewpoint are enabling a dangerous point of view that would directly harm me and my family. So, I can no longer engage those people. I must strenuously oppose them.

If I wanted to live in Cuba, and have the state determine what I can and cannot possess, I’d move there.

There is little economic difference between Bernie Sanders and the tyrants in Havana.

That’s the truth.