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Dan Champagne (Republican) is a member of the Connecticut State Senate, representing District 35. Champagne was elected to the office on November 6, 2018.



General election
General election for Connecticut State Senate District 35

Dan Champagne (R) defeated John Perrier (D) in the general election for Connecticut State Senate District 35 on November 6, 2018.


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Dan Champagne (R)

John Perrier (D)

Total votes: 44,775
Democratic primary election

The primary elections were canceled.

Republican primary election

The primary elections were canceled.


Issue Position: Tolls

Jan. 1, 2018

Governor Malloy and legislative Democrats continue to propose the implementation of tolls in Connecticut -- I am strongly against this. In a time where Connecticut still has not recovered from the great recession, Connecticut families should not have to shoulder another burden due to the outrageous spending of legislative Democrats. Connecticut must consider ways to fund transportation without knocking on the wallets of state taxpayers who have already been drained enough. The Republican Prioritize Progress transportation funding plan eliminates excessive use of the state's credit card for political handouts and also prioritizes funding for necessities like roads, bridges and school construction -- it also operates under a bonding cap to curb borrowing. This plan, or a similar approach, would allow us to provide immediate and stable funding sources dedicated just for transportation. Taxpayers should not have to inherit another tax increase because of the frivolous spending of those in Hartford. Tolls, also known as a mileage tax, are not what Connecticut families need, not what Connecticut businesses need and not what Connecticut needs.

Issue Position: Jobs & the Economy

Jan. 1, 2018

Everywhere I go throughout the state folks tell me their taxes are too high, business owners tell me there are too many mandates and hoops to jump through, and I hear an overall frustration about our lagging economy. As a father, husband and a taxpayer myself -- I couldn't agree more. Taxes are too high, there are too many mandates on businesses and there is an overall negative attitude toward Connecticut's economy -- people are literally fleeing from our state in large numbers. My goal is to turn that attitude around and help to make Connecticut a place where people want to start a business and a place where taxes don't debilitate a family's ability to thrive. This means lowering taxes, eliminating useless mandates and helping to organically create a positive attitude about Connecticut's economy. In order to do so, Eastern Connecticut needs a leader who knows how to collaboratively get projects accomplished. As the mayor of Vernon, I have the proven experience to bring a common-sense approach to Hartford, and if my time as a municipal leader has taught me anything is that expediting processes at the local level helps families and helps businesses -- the same mind-set and focus on efficiencies must be brought to Hartford.

Issue Position: Crumbling Foundations

Jan. 1, 2018

Crumbling foundations is a huge problem that is impacting hard-working families across the Eastern part of our state. Through no fault of there own homeowners are seeing their largest investment crumble beneath their feet. While the legislature has taken steps throughout the past two legislative sessions, more must be done to assist these homeowners in Eastern Connecticut. Folks out here don't ask for handouts, they don't ask for favors, but if these families walk away from their homes it will have a negative ripple effect throughout the state -- a state that is still recovering from a recession. Eastern Connecticut needs a proven leader in the State Senate that will stand up for homeowners with crumbling foundations. I have the experience to work with other leaders, I am not afraid to take on difficult projects and I see this as a priority for many years to come. At the end of the day we have only begun to scratch the surface on this devastating problem and the 35th Senatorial District needs a leader who understands the problem and isn't afraid to work with others to get things done in Hartford.

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