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Eddie Rispone


Eddie Rispone (Republican) was a candidate for Governor of Louisiana. Rispone lost the general election on November 16, 2019, after advancing from the primary on October 12, 2019.



General election
General election for Governor of Louisiana

Incumbent John Bel Edwards (D) defeated Eddie Rispone (R) in the general election for Governor of Louisiana on November 16, 2019.

John Bel Edwards (D)
774,469 Votes

Eddie Rispone (R)
734,128 Votes

Total votes: 1,508,597
(100% precincts reporting)

Primary election
Primary for Governor of Louisiana

The following candidates ran in the primary for Governor of Louisiana on October 12, 2019.

John Bel Edwards (D)
625,970 Votes

Eddie Rispone (R)
368,319 Votes

Ralph Abraham (R)
317,149 Votes

Silhouette Placeholder Image.png

Oscar Dantzler (D)
10,993 Votes

Silhouette Placeholder Image.png

Patrick Landry (R)
10,966 Votes

Gary Landrieu (Independent)
10,084 Votes

Total votes: 1,343,481

Candidate profile

Eddie Rispone, businessman

Campaign website Facebook Twitter

Party: Republican

Incumbent: No

Political office: None

Biography: Rispone received a B.S. in construction technology from Louisiana State University. He founded ISC Constructors with his brother. Rispone served as national chairman of Associated Builders & Contractors, a trade association, in 2003. Former Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) appointed him chairman of the Louisiana Workforce Investment Council.

Key messages
  • Rispone said in a TV ad, "I'm no career politician. I'm a conservative outsider who stands with our president."
  • Rispone emphasized his support for a constitutional convention and for Trump's immigration policies. He said he was pro-life and supported work requirements for welfare recipients, lower taxes, and the Second Amendment.
  • Rispone referred to Edwards as a "liberal, trial lawyer, tax-and-spend career politician" and said that Louisiana ranked toward the bottom in healthcare, safety, education, and economy under Edwards.
  • Rispone stated he was a "proven job creator" and employed more than 3,000 families through his construction business.


  • Rispone loaned his campaign $12 million through October 27, 2019.

Satellite spending

Satellite spending, commonly referred to as outside spending, describes political spending not controlled by candidates or their campaigns; that is, any political expenditures made by groups or individuals that are not directly affiliated with a candidate. This includes spending by political party committees, super PACs, trade associations, and 501(c)(4) nonprofit groups.

This section lists satellite spending in this race reported by news outlets in alphabetical order. If you are aware of spending that should be included, please email us.

  • The Democratic Governors Association contributed $5.5 million to the pro-Edwards Gumbo PAC through October 27, 2019.
    • Gumbo PAC had spent $3.9 million toward the race as of September 20.
    • As of October 23, Gumbo PAC spent $1.1 million on radio and TV ads to air during the general election.
  • Make Louisiana Great Again PAC, created by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry (R), had spent $373,000 on radio and TV ads to air during the general election as of October 23. The group released a TV ad opposing Edwards on October 24.
  • The Republican National Committee spent $1 million on get-out-the-vote efforts in the days leading up to the election, bringing their contributions to $2 million, Politico reported on November 14.
  • The Republican Governors Association Right Direction PAC had spent $6.2 million toward the race through October 27. The group aired opposition ads against Edwards.
  • Truth in Politics, a group opposing Edwards, spent $750,000 on an ad released October 3.

Race ratings

The Cook Political Report, Inside Elections, and Sabato's Crystal Ball. Each race rating indicates if one party is perceived to have an advantage in the race and, if so, the degree of advantage. Race ratings are informed by a number of factors, including polling, candidate quality, and election result history in the race's district or state.

Race ratings: Louisiana gubernatorial election, 2019

Race trackerRace ratings
November 14, 2019November 5, 2019October 22, 2019October 8, 2019
The Cook Political ReportToss-upToss-upToss-upLean Democratic
Inside Elections with Nathan L. GonzalesToss-upToss-upToss-upToss-up
Larry J. Sabato's Crystal BallLean DemocraticToss-upToss-upLean Democratic

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