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Paul Formica


Assistant Majority Leader, Connecticut State Senate (2017 - Present)

Connecticut State Senate, District 20 (2014 - Present)

Quick Facts
Personal Details


Full Name:

Paul M. Formica




Widowed; 4 Children: Matt, Ali, Hannah, Olivia

Home City:

East Lyme, CT

Political Experience

Deputy Minority Leader, Connecticut State Senate, 2019-present

Assistant Majority Leader, Connecticut State Senate, 2017-present

Senator, Connecticut State Senate, District 20, 2014-present

First Selectperson, East Lyme Town Hall, 2007-2015

Candidate, United States House of Representatives, District 2, 2012

Candidate, Connecticut State House of Representatives, District 37, 2006

Current Legislative Committees

Ranking Member, Appropriations

Member, Commerce

Ranking Member, Energy and Technology

Member, Executive and Legislative Nominations

Member, Judicial and Corrections Subcommittee

Member, Legislative Subcommittee

Member, Subcommittee on General Government A

Member, Subcommittee on General Government B

Member, Subcommittee on Higher Education

Former Committees/Caucuses

Former Co-Chair, Appropriations Committee, Connecticut State Senate

Former Co-Chair, Energy and Technology Committee, Connecticut State Senate

Former Co-Chair, Legislative Subcommittee, Connecticut State Senate

Former Member, Public Safety and Security Committee, Connecticut State Senate

Former Co-Chair, Subcommittee on Accountability, Connecticut State Senate

Former Member, Subcommittee on Elementary and Secondary Education, Connecticut State Senate

Former Member, Subcommittee on Health, Connecticut State Senate

Former Member, Subcommittee on Human Services, Connecticut State Senate

Former Ranking Member, Subcommittee on Regulation and Protection, Connecticut State Senate

Former Member, Subcommittee on Transportation, Connecticut State Senate

Professional Experience

Founder/Owner, Flanders Fish Market and Restaurant, 1983-present

Religious, Civic, and other Memberships

Member, Connecticut Leadership Council, National Federation of Independent Business, 2006-present

Member, Celebrate East Lyme Committee

Member, Connecticut Restaurant Association

Member, Eastern Connecticut Chamber of Commerce

Founding Co-Chair, East Lyme Business Community Group

Former President, East Lyme Chamber of Commerce

Former President, East Lyme Kiwanis Club

Co-Chair, Environmental Committee, Connecticut Council of Municipalities

Member, National Restaurant Association

Former Member, Parent Teacher Association, Niantic Center School

Former Member, Parent Teacher Association, Niantic Middle School

Former Chair, Regional Rail Committee, Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments

Former Member, Regional Water Committee, Southeastern Connecticut Council of Government

Honorary Member, Rotary Club Niantic

Member, Saint Matthias Knights of Columbus

Former Vice Chair, Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments

Member, Public Relations Committee, Opsail Connecticut, 2012

Chair, Rocky Neck Heart Walk, 2012

Member, East Lyme Board of Finance, 1999-2007

Member, East Lyme Charter Revision Commission, 2004

Member, East Lyme Zoning Commission, 1991-1998

Additional Information


Paul Harris Fellow, Rotary International
Town Crier Award, Council of Small Towns


Joe Courtney: Good for Big Government, Bad for Small Business

Aug. 30, 2012

Today East Lyme First Selectman and Second Congressional District Candidate Paul Formica released the following statement: "Congressman Courtney doesn't understand the real problem with our economy. He continues to hold job fairs throughout the district, with employers who are not able to hire; it's like teasing a small child with a lollipop. "In the past 29 years, I've created thousands of jobs. Congressman Joe Courtney has never created a job. In fact, under Joe Courtney and the failed policies of his party, there were 1900 fewer workers with jobs in the Norwich-New London area in June 2012 than there were in June 2011 (Connecticut Economic Digest 2012). What we need in Washington is a representative with a common sense business approach. "Congressman Courtney is a secure vote on every partisan piece of legislation that Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Joe Biden want to pass on to the American people. Congressman Courtney's support of their misguided policies is one of the reasons Southeastern Connecticut was listed as the ninth worst recovering labor market in the country (US Conference of Mayors report, IHS Global Insight). "Congressman Courtney recently said, "Americans understand that we need the steady hand of Barack Obama to continue as Commander in Chief, not a bewildered bull in a china shop.'" "Courtney believes that the steady hand of big government and tax burdens on small business is the future of our nation. We need to make real changes in leadership so that we can control our national debt and cut excessive spending. "We need to keep our young people from leaving the state in record numbers. To do that we need to promote transit-oriented development that will provide not only reliable transportation access to existing job centers, but also foster economic growth. "My unique perspective of managing a business and a municipality during the great recession will provide needed insight to Washington. I am not a partisan career politician, I am a small business owner and a municipal CEO who is committed to making America great once again by returning Common Sense Main Street values to Washington. The New London Day said that "East Lyme is a town that works'; Washington is not, and on November 6th we need real change for the Second Congressional District."

Statement on Rep. Courtney's 94.9 FM Remarks

Aug. 30, 2012

Today East Lyme First Selectman and Second Congressional District Candidate Paul Formica issued the following statement in response to Representative Joe Courtney's remarks on 94.9 FM: "Representative Courtney today stated that continuing temporary budget resolutions and the Budget Control Act passed by Congress in 2011 are sufficient to run the federal government. As a family man, municipal leader and small business owner, I understand the need to create an annual budget and stick to it every single year. At a time when our country is faced with a 16 trillion dollar debt, Congressman Courtney believes that minimal reductions in the Farm Bill are the way to address our out of control spending." "Additionally, Congressman Courtney's commitment to adding 1.2 trillion dollars of new spending and more taxes on the middle class with Obamacare is evidence that he is not serious about the fiscal problems our nation faces. What the Second Congressional District needs is a small business owner, who has balanced municipal budgets during a recession. It is time to change the thinking in Washington and elect a Congressman who will help to return us to the common sense Main Street thinking that once made this country great."

My Story

Jul. 11, 2012

My wife and I were married in 1982 and opened the Flanders Fish Market in the fall of 1983 converting an old single family home of a sea captain into a fresh seafood market. We didn't start with much except the desire to provide a fresh product and great customer service After a few weeks a customer came in and asked for a fish and chips. I hand cut some potatoes and cooked a piece of fish from the fish case and our restaurant was born. We began our family, raising 4 children and got involved in the community initially by doing all the things that you do when you have 4 children under 7; little league, PTA; soccer, school volunteer etc. As a developing businessman I began to become more aware of the role that municipal government has on small business. I joined the local Chamber and eventually served as President. After a particularly onerous site plan regulation was passed, I ran for the Zoning Commission; was elected and served 8 years including two years as Chairman. With the help of other newly elected and like minded Commissioners, we rewrote the regulation so it was fair and workable passing with bi-partisan support. I was elected to the Board of Finance and served 8 years before being elected First Selectman in 2007. I am currently serving my third term as First Selectman. Although my wife died suddenly in late 2009, I contend that my story is the true American Dream even if stops there. However to take all of that and as a result have the opportunity to run as the endorsed Republican Candidate for the United States Congress in the second district; it shows we live truly in the greatest country on Earth. It also is the reason that I'm running for Congress. The policies that were promised as Hope and Change simply haven't materialized. The President supported by Joe Courtney's vote almost all of the time has exploded the national debt, forced the biggest tax and mandate on all of us through Obama-care and has failed to add jobs. Simply put, Mayors, families and First Selectman have been balancing budgets, reducing spending and making the tough decisions that need to be made these past few years. It's time that we move that thinking to Washington DC. It's time that we elect the next generation of Congressmen who will bring good old fashioned Main St common sense back to Congress. We must ensure that the American Dream that I and others like me are living will be available to every future generation of Americans. To do that will require electing someone who has balanced budgets and cut spending; who has successful business and government leadership experience; and who know how to create jobs. We have had success in East Lyme with an average 4 year tax increase at only 1.2% yet we have returned budget surpluses each year of roughly 3% growing our rainy day fund. Our downtown revitalization project has spawned 10 new businesses in the last two years adding tax base, jobs and more importantly a sense of community pride. We have focused on Health care not sick care instituting wellness programs and HSA plans helping us to be healthier, better consumers. As a result we have driven costs down. We need to elect experienced people to Congress who can help turn America around with common sense and who will work together to get things done. I ask for your support to help me work hard to preserve our American Dream for our kids and their kids. Lets not leave them burdened by debt and limited choices. Lets leave them an America that will make us proud and them confident in them selves and in their country. I ask for your vote in the primary on August 14th and again in the general election on November 6th.



May 21
Virtual Town Hall w/Senator Formica

Thur 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM EDT

Apr. 16
Virtual Town Hall Meeting w/Sen. Formica

Thur 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM EDT

Feb. 3
East Lyme Office Hour

Mon 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM EST

East Lyme Town Hall Niantic, CT