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Policy Positions


“No country in history has been more just than the United States of America. That’s because, as a nation, we’ve valued a fair and impartial criminal justice system. However, this institution has fallen under attack by those who want to ignore our nation’s borders, laws, and traditions.
So, we must tackle this debate head on. It starts with ending sanctuary cities and defeating these politicians who are ignoring federal and state laws. As Speaker of the House, I’ve made this a priority by passing legislation that would stop the local governments from having sanctuary policies and would require them to enforce our nation’s immigration laws. That means cooperating with President Trump and the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security.
I also voted against using tax dollars to subsidize illegal aliens attending our state universities. Our job is to put our citizens first, and I have vowed to fight this battle every step of the way.
At the end of the day, I will always err on the side of our citizens and defending the rule of law.”

 - Richard Corcoran



“By limiting government and empowering our residents, every Floridian will have the opportunity to achieve their American Dream. That’s why I have spent my time in the legislature rolling back government overreach, creating a better business environment for job creators and job seekers, and supporting fiscally responsible actions like reducing our state’s debt.
Taxes:  It’s easy for politicians with an “R” next to their name to talk about tax cuts, but here in Florida, we actually got the job done. I’ve supported over $7 billion in tax cuts that have been passed into law, including stopping an automated property tax increase that would have cost homeowners $1 billion. Going forward, there is still more that can be done. We put a measure on the ballot in 2018 that cuts your property taxes. It’s called the Homestead Exemption, and it will save the average homeowner more than $200 per year. I am also working with Governor Scott to add another measure that would create a supermajority-threshold of 2/3 vote in the legislature for any tax increase, making it more difficult for politicians to raise your taxes.
Spending: Reckless government spending is something that plagues governments at every level. Fiscal responsibility has been elusive from local city councils to the U.S. Congress. However, we bucked that trend by looking deep into our budget and rooting out wasteful or excessive spending. First, we ended the ability for politicians to secretively slip in massive pork-barrel spending projects into the budget at the last minute, and we reduced Florida’s debt by $7 billion. We also brought an end to the corporate welfare that had stricken Visit Florida and Enterprise Florida. All-in-all, our fiscal stewardship has earned Florida the ranking of 1st in the entire nation for fiscal health.”

 - Richard Corcoran



“Education has always been near and dear to my family’s heart. Four years ago, my wife Anne volunteered and founded a charter school in our neighborhood because we both believe that if children are provided with the opportunity to establish a strong educational foundation, their minds will be ready to grow, build, and innovate. That’s why I made education a centerpiece of my agenda as Speaker of the House.
We put together the most pro-student, pro-teacher, and pro-parent education bill in our state’s history. We crashed against the status quo, we strengthened our public schools, and we provided choices to parents and students who have been trapped in failing schools.
We instituted strict requirements to bring accountability, ensuring the money intended for education actually makes it into the classroom. Then we instituted bonuses for exceptional teachers and principals. The most consequential person in any classroom is the one standing in the front of the room, and I believe they should be rewarded for their success.
We began the process of ending chronically failing schools. There will now either be a district-initiated turnaround plan or there will be a “School of Hope” charter opened in their neighborhood. These “Schools of Hope” have a demonstrated record of success and provide an immediate alternative for students and their parents. Our message to kids and parents who are struggling in a failing school is simple: we see you and we will never fail you again.
When it comes to education, our achievements in Tallahassee will transform the quality and choice in education across our state forever. Now, we just need to continue pushing the envelope, we cannot back down to the unions or the bureaucrats. We must continue to fight and we must continue to win—our children deserve nothing less.”

 - Richard Corcoran



“Bureaucrats and career politicians are always looking for ways to take decisions out of your hands and make them for you instead. However, the government doesn’t know best and doesn’t belong in between a patient and his or her doctor. That’s why I’ve fought for a patient-driven healthcare system.
As the Chairman of the House’s Health & Human Services Committee, I led the fight against Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, because doubling down on a broken system wasn’t right for Florida. I also led the Legislature in passing an important piece of legislation that ended the price gouging practices of some healthcare providers by requiring hospitals and surgical centers to publish the costs of their procedures.
I will continue to fight for a patient-driven healthcare system by supporting free market reforms that increase the quality of outcomes, drive down costs, and improve access to care.”

 - Richard Corcoran



“I knew if we wanted to see real change in Tallahassee, we needed to first transform the culture in our state’s capital. And I think you’ll appreciate how we went about it.  When I was young, my mom used to always tell me to be home by dark, because in her words, “Nothing good ever happens after the sun goes down.” So, we took that mom-approved logic and applied it to your representatives. We said, “Nothing good ever happens when…” and we filled in the blank, then we banned it.
Here’s how it worked. Nothing good ever happens when…. a lobbyist texts a legislator while they are on the floor voting or in committee—so we banned it. Nothing good ever happens when…. a legislator is flown around on a lobbyist's private jet—so we banned it. And nothing good ever happens from the revolving door of lobbyists becoming legislators and legislators becoming lobbyists—so we implemented a highly restrictive 6-year ban.
All in all, the rules that we passed are the most powerful and transparent in the entire country, bar none. By draining the Tallahassee swamp in 2017, we had one of the most consequential and transformative legislative sessions in our state's history—a session that finally put the voters’ interests ahead of the lobbyists’.”

 - Richard Corcoran



“America is in the midst of a culture war, with religion and the protections enshrined in our Bill of Rights at its center. From the battle to protect the life of the unborn, to prayer in school, people of faith have felt under attack as they watch politicians target and diminish their ability to practice their faith.
That’s why as Speaker of the House, I fought to pass meaningful protections to religious freedom in school - and we won. We brought Republicans and Democrats together to reinforce the rights of students, their parents, and teachers to freely express their religious beliefs without fear of discrimination.
As a conservative, I will always fight to protect life and the ability for Floridians to practice their faith.”

 - Richard Corcoran



“When it comes to safe, responsible gun laws, Florida is the model for the rest of the nation. With our crime rate at a 46-year low, it should be clear that the best way to protect our citizens is to provide them with the opportunity to protect themselves. That’s why I have supported and passed legislation to reinforce the protections of our concealed weapon holders and Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.
We will never be able to root out all crime completely, but we can do more when it comes to allowing our citizens to protect themselves. I will continue to fight for responsible and sensible gun rights that encourage safety and self-defense.”

  - Richard Corcoran
State Bills

Congressman Matt Gaetz endorses Richard Corcoran for governor

Apr. 4, 2018

Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran may not have announced his candidacy for governor yet — he's expected to make it official later this month —but that didn't stop Congressman Matt Gaetz from endorsing him this week. Gaetz told Politico Florida that he would support Corcoran's bid for governor. The two served in the Florida House together before Gaetz was elected to Congress. Gaetz is a colleague of U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, who is also running for governor. Both Congressmen are big Donald Trump supporters who have pipelines to Fox News, a reminder that DeSantis and Corcoran may be jockeying for voters from the same base in the Republican primary. DeSantis was endorsed by Trump in December. Following his comment to Politico, Gaetz also tweeted his support for Corcoran on Wednesday.