The pandemic will change many things on this earth including, very likely, your life. But if you are looking for guidance and perspective on the post-virus world, you will not get that from America’s news agencies.

Instead, you will see and read blatantly dishonest appraisals of the contagion situation designed to promote ideology and social engineering.

The foolish presentations on many TV news programs are boring and depressing. More than a few “presenters,” as they call anchor people in England, are simply bewildered. They have no clue as to what is really happening. Whenever you hear an interviewer ask: “what do you make of that?”, please understand the questioner has no question. They have to say something, but they are really saying nothing.

So, for the benefit of you, the reader, let me lay out a post-pandemic vision.

First and most important, the false, far-left belief that big government is the key to a satisfying life for people has been shattered. The repressive Chinese Communists, who Bernie Sanders admires for combating poverty, are directly responsible for the plague. Also, the UN-funded Word Health Organization enabled the totalitarians in Beijing to lie to the world.

Never again should China and the WHO be trusted on anything.

Around the globe, no leader was perspicacious enough to sound an early alarm about the contagion. No one did it, despite the presence of the most sophisticated operational medical intelligence apparatus in history.

The first global action was taken on January 28 when the United States and Italy both stopped flights from China. That action saved President Trump, who is now totally dependent on American science to develop an antidote to defeat the virus. If that does not happen by September, Mr. Trump could very well lose the election - if it does come about, he will likely win.

That’s because the Democrats participated in three debates between January 1 and February 25 and there was not one mention of the Wuhan virus, nothing.

But there was plenty of talk about impeachment.

So now when the Democrats say the President was late sounding the alarm, they look foolish and dishonest. In addition, their leading candidate, Joe Biden, criticized Mr. Trump for stopping the China flights. This is not a good virus resume, no matter how the press tries to spin or ignore it.

On the issues front, the open borders crew, a significant part of the Democrat machine, is done forever. George Soros and his fellow travelers were always dangerous and now there is pandemic proof of that.

In March, the FBI conducted a record number of background checks on gun buyers. Even the dimmest citizen now knows that governments cannot protect you from harm. You must protect yourself, and that includes financially. Stop spending money you don’t have.

Finally, government-run health care is a virus victim. Many countries in Europe that have socialized medicine are running death rates ten times higher than the USA. Private care is always better. Always.

As for your situation, here it is. The economy and stock market will come back but many jobs will not. Companies will use the pandemic to pare down on unnecessary workers and products. In the future, more folks will work from home. In the short term, salaries will drop because more people will be looking for work, and most companies have lost revenue during the great isolation.

Again, you need to protect yourself. You have to develop a skill the marketplace needs. Companies and unions will not provide you with economic security. Profit will continue to rule in post-pandemic America.

When normality returns, we will still have our bread and circuses to divert us from reality. But during this hiatus from life as we knew it, you might want to look hard at your own life.

The world is changing. Get ahead of the curve.