After watching Friday’s debate, it is obvious the democrats have a conundrum. Joe Biden’s campaign is falling apart, Bernie Sanders is leading, and Michael Bloomberg is looming. All of that is good news for President Trump.

Let’s start with “say it ain’t so, Joe.” The man cannot seem to get a cogent sentence out of his mouth. In addition to incessantly saying the words “in fact,” he has no central message, nothing for voters to rally behind.

To use another of Biden’s overused phrases, “here’s the deal, Joe:” you say the current economy’s not good coming from eight years of economic malaise under you and President Obama? Do you think that’s going to resonate when unemployment is the lowest it’s been in almost 70 years?

You told the world you would not have killed Soleimani. You also opposed the raid that got bin Laden, the only member of the Obama cabinet to dissent. What kind of deal is that, Joe?

Now, it wasn’t your fault that Nancy Pelosi gave republicans a big stick during impeachment with the Ukraine stuff. That tape of you getting a guy fired over there, as well as your son’s money grab, is hurting you. It’s possible to overcome that with a cogent message but, in fact, you don’t have one.

The same cannot be said of socialist Bernie. His message is loud and clear. If he ever becomes president, America as we know it would be vaporized. Consider the Sanders wish list.

- the federal government would pretty much run the private economy. Profits and generous take home pay would be regulated by extreme taxation, and private property seized through a wealth tax.

- U.S. foreign policy would be totally non-confrontational even in the terrorist arena. Few American troops would be deployed overseas, provocations would largely go answered, and the military budget slashed.

- Criminal justice “reform” would replace punishment with “restorative justice” that seeks the “healing” of criminals. That begins with no cash bail for most offenses and, upon convictions, alternatives to prison.

- the total dismantling of US immigration law. That means open borders and federal payments to all immigrants for healthcare and other necessities.

In short, Senator Sanders is a dangerous man. He would destroy this country economically leading to staggering unintended consequences.

I wish I could analyze the energetic Pete Buttigieg, who is rising in the democratic polls. But I cannot ascertain exactly what he’s talking about. I do know that he wants to “turn the page,” but what page? What book? What does he want to do? I can’t figure it out.

With Elizabeth Warren no longer contending because few trust her, that leaves Mayor Mike Bloomberg who must be enjoying Biden’s collapse. I will analyze Bloomberg as Super Tuesday comes closer, but for now I’ll sum him up this way: smart guy, ran NYC efficiently, likes what money can buy, humorless, hates Trump, loves America, climate change zealot, has trouble connecting with minorities, a key group for democrats.

So there you have the definition of the democratic conundrum. The party isn’t over, not yet. But midnight is approaching.